Popular Chord Progressions for Piano

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What is a simple doowop chord progression on the piano(repost for jazz section)?

Doowop is one of my favorite types of music, and i have always loved the chord progressions on the piano. But I can never figure them out. If anyone could give me a basic progression with the chords written out like d#7m (for those that dont know, this is a minor d sharp 7th chord), id be very happy.

Posted by Austen G
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The simplest progression would be I,II,V, I or C, Dm7, G7, C. Or, you could use the most popular version which is I, VIm7, IIm7, V7, I, or C6, Am7, Dm7, G7, C.

Were can I find chord progressions?

For piano?

Posted by Ursula
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Get a fake book - the most popular one is called The Real Book

or look in a music theory book.

How do I know which chords are within a certain chord progression?

Basically I am wanting to know which chords are in which chord progressions.

Perhaps I have misunderstood something?

Posted by Ralphy
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Well some chord progressions are very popular and get re-used all the time, which results in these progressions getting unique names.

The best example is "rhythm changes" which is simply the chords from George Gershwin's song "I Got Rhythm"

However, a chord progression is simply the chords of a song. If you were asked to play piano with somebody and they wanted to do a song you didn't know, you would ask for the chords. If it was a common progression, they may just tell you "I vi IV V in Eb" or something. If they were more unique, they would tell you the specific chords.

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Piano Chords: E Chords


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