I VI IV V Songs

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What crappy songs use the chords C, Am, F, and G in that order?

I'm trying to come up with a collection of songs to learn purely to annoy people. Maybe even a medley of 'em.

Amusingly, last night I discovered that Justin Bieber's Baby and Rebecca Black's Friday have the same chords. And pretty much the same melody for the chorus. Fun times.

What other shit songs use these four chords in that order?
I'm not saying that all songs that use those chords are crappy. I know chord progressions are repeated a lot; no big deal. I'm saying that I want to make a super medley mash-up of annoying songs, and Happiness is a Warm Gun smashed between Friday and Baby... No, that wouldn't work well at all.

Posted by Leafy
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Well that's just a I vi IV V progression in C. Here's a list of songs that use that progression in some way (not all in C though)

Duke of Earl
Earth Angel
Surfer Girl
Sleepwalk (iv)
Happiness Is A Warm Gun
Strawberry Fields Forever
Let's Get It On
Big Girls Don't Cry
All I Have to Do Is Dream

That's certainly not a complete list. There are thousands of songs that use that progression. I keep a little text file on my desktop and just add to it periodically. Those are also the first 4 chords to George Gershwin's "I've Got Rhythm", and there are thousands of jazz songs that use those chords. Just look up the term "rhythm changes".

Chord progressions get recycled all the time. It's not a big deal. Are you going to claim that "Happiness Is A Warm Gun" is a crap song just because it uses the same progression as "Friday"? No, of course not... Don't be stupid... "Friday" is a crap song because of it's retarded lyrics and boring melody. Nobody cares about the chords.

What popular rock songs use the chord progression "I, V, vi, IV?


Posted by Bob Reed
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Let It Be- The Beatles
The verse uses that progression.

What are some european songs using the I V vi IV chord progression that are not popular in America?

I need a song in this chord progression that I can test 100 american college students with. I am doing a research study based on novelty of auditory stimuli. I need it to be a song that they have never heard before, preferably something obscure.

Posted by Alyssa Jo
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They won't know this one!

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How chord progressions work


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