I IV V Progression

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Questions and Answers

What is I-IV-V progression?

Posted by Andre M
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It is the basics of a Major Chord progression.

I - iv- v , for example would be a basics Minor chord progression.

There are many formulas of chord progressions in between, but im not going to go into that.

Reggie is right by the way.

Any musicians out there? How do I create chord progressions more complex than I IV V I?

Looking for really thorough detailed information on how to start composing. My college only prepares us for SATB arranging; any actual composition is completely ignored.

Websites would be great (I've already been through the google results, they're very poor). I just need to find something that describes the actual process!
I'm really looking for the process on how to make my *own* progressions and what options I have from going from one chord to the next, not copying other music's progressions. I need to understand how they work.

Posted by Cente
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There is a wonderful, easy to understand book called The Idiots Guide to Composing and Arranging. It gives you great information for different chord progressions. Common jazz chord progression is ii V I.

Here is a good site

I-IV-V chord progression quession?

In a chord progression based on 1 4 5, would it be like

D Em Fm G A Bm Cdim?

Or D Em Fm G A Baug Cdim?

Or what?

Posted by Tim L
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In a I-IV-V you want just that - the I,IV, and V chords of a key.

So, in D Major: D G A
In D Minor: Dm Gm Am (or A if it is harmonic minor)

For ALL of the chords in a particular key, that also depends.

D major has two sharps - F# and C# so the extracted chords for D major would be:
I: D
ii: Em
iii: F#m
V: A
vi: Bm
viidim: C#dim

for D natural minor there is one flat - Bb, so the chords would be:
i: Dm
iidim: Edim
iv: Gm
v: Am
VI: Bb

With secondary dominants, harmonic and melodic minor, modal tonalities - you can get deeper and deeper into this stuff.

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