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Classical Chord Progressions?

I've looked everywhere and I can't find anything about chord progressions that are often used in classical music. Can someone be kind and give me some examples and the name of the composer please? Thanks ūüôā

Posted by Bethanie Honey Clayton
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Consider what was used in each stylistic period, by analyzing the scores of works from then. You can look at Mozart piano sonatas, Haydn symphonies o there is a lot of material form which to choose. You can read books like the Charles Rosen book on c Classical style, or books by the Paul and Eva Badura-Skoda, among other musicologists and theorists. You can easily see and hear what is NOT used, bu y exploring works that have a vocabulary that expanded in the decades (centuries??) AFTER the Classical Era. Anything that is essentially what we broadly call the Common Practice era will be fine. No, I am not going to make lists for you - that is YOUR job, as you do your analyses.

Hi all , looking for some chord progression?

Looking for some chord progressions like E,G#,C#m,C#m, unique ones no I,VI,V rubbish please lol. Thanks i look forward to stealing all your chords.

Posted by Sky
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How about:

Simple chord progression list with two chords

I-IV Common progression.

I-V Common progression

Chord progression list with three chords

I-IV-V Commonly used in rock and roll

I-II-IV Used by the Beatles in ‚Äď Sgt Pepper‚Äôs Lonely Hearts Club Band

I-IV-V7 *V7 is a regular V chord with a minor third on the top. An example of a V7 would be G, B, D, F. You can learn more about sevenths at *How to use 7th Chords in Compositions.

I-flatted VII-IV Used in gospel music

I-flatted III-IV One of my favorite progressions, used by Lynyrd Skynyrd in ‚ÄėFree Bird‚Äô

Chord progression list with four chords

I-IV-I-V Common progression

I-IV-I-V7 Common progression with dominant 7th chord in place of V chord

I-IV-V-IV Common progression with a rolling motion.

I-vi-IV-V Heart and Soul ‚Äď Theme from the film Big with Tom Hanks. This chord progression is fun to play.

I-vi-ii-V Gershwin in ‚ÄėI‚Äôve Got Rhythm‚Äô

I-V-vi-IV Used by Journey in ‚ÄėDon‚Äôt Stop Believin‚Äô. Another fun rolling progression.

IV-I-IV-V Chord progression not starting on the tonic!

I-I-IV-V Similar to the I-IV-V, but more this is more widely used because it is four measures long. Many musical phrases are divisible by 4, normally 16, which makes chord progression using four chords more popular than others.

Vi-IV-I-V Currently a very popular chord progression used by The Offspring, Linkin Park, The Cranberries, OneRepublic, and others. Also used in our composition titled Medley of Waterfalls

Chord progressions list with five chords

I-vi-ii-IV-V7 Common Progression. Notice how the subsequent chord has many of the same notes. I and vi, ii and IV, both have two notes in common.

I-vi-ii-V7-ii Similar to the previous chord progression, but with a ii squeezed in between the V7 and the I. This added ii makes the progression less final at the end. V to I is a popular way to end songs. With the ii, it sounds like the song keeps going.

Chord progressions list with six chords

I-IV-I-V7-IV-I Blues and jazz is normally a 12‚Äďbar progression making this chord progression ideal for jazz tunes.

The numerous above chord progressions lists are ideal to use if you’re stuck at the keyboard and unsure where to begin. The above chord progressions are popular progression that have been around, but feel free to compose your own progressions. Who knows, maybe you’ll compose the next popular progression.


How to convert piano chords into minor?

Like I wanna play a song, and I wanna make the chords minor to make it sound darker, but how do I do it. Is there like a way to do such? Help would be great, thanks!

Posted by clahador
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You might want to mean a minor progression chord. Yup, it is possible. Converting pieces from major progression(where your main chord is a major) to minor progression(where your main chord is a minor) is a little bit tiresome. But, I'll try to explain this as brief but precise and easy to understand as i could.

The result of converting the major progression depends on what minor scale you would like to use.

The most common scale is the Harmonic Minor on its descending order (I call it personally HMDO). That is, 1 2 ‚ô≠3 4 5 ‚ô≠6 ‚ô≠7 8. Why HMDO? It is because HMDO scales are very similar to Major scales(1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8). For example in A minor scale(on HMDO):A-B-C-D-E-F-G-A', just move the first two notes and you'll get the C Major scale!

Legend used: converted to: =>

1.) Ok. Start making a list of the chords that are used.
2.) Identify what is the main/root chord being used. Move or transpose that chord 3 halfsteps/frets(or 1 & 1/2 wholesteps) DOWN . Example: G => E, C => A, D => B, and etc.
3.) Minor that chord. Ex: E =>Em, A => Am, B => Bm, etc. This will later become you root chord.
4.) Look for the fifth chords(if available) from the list. 5th chords are found by moving 4 notes up from the root note of a major scale. For example, if you have a C major chord progression, the major scale therefore is on C scale. That is, C-D-E-F-G-A-B-C'. Moving 4 notes from the root note which is C, we get G. Another one is, if you have an F major chord progression, the major scale therefore is on F scale. That is, F-G-A-Bb-C-D-E-F'. Moving 4 notes from the root note which is F, we get C.
5.) OPTIONALLY, move or transpose that chord(i refer to the 5th chord) down 3 halfsteps/frets. For example: D => B, G =>E and etc. So why optionally? Doing this step will make your chord progression more darker and 'minorer' to listen. But, if this results to a terrible sound/output, leave this step. Sometimes, you can also play either the natural 5th chord or the transposed 5th chord on one song. There are song that really have this type of progression.
6.) Leave the other chords as is. Don't change anything on them but if you think that you must have to do something on those chords, just do it. There's no NOs in music. Your style, your music!
7.) That's all, You're now have the converted minor progression chord
Those are the basics of transposing major progressions to minor progressions. And lastly, Experiment!

That's all for not now. Hope i helped.

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Modal Chord Progressions


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