Piano Chord Progression PDF

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Questions and Answers

Self-taught pianists/keyboard players?

I want to learn piano all by myself, but I have no idea about what, when and how should I do. I ask you, all self-taught pianists how did you make it? Where did you start, how did you continue, practically all your road to being able of playing piano - the more detailed the better. (sorry for my grammar mistakes) Thank you!

Posted by Ana
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Here is how I learned...

1. Get the book "How to play Popular Piano in 10 Easy Lessons". You can get a copy here..


Pay particular attention to lesson 5

If you grasp the concept of constructing scale shapes and chord shapes you are well on your way to playing.

2. Buy yourself some fake music books containing the type/genre of songs you like and using the fake books along with your knowledge of constructing chords, scales and playing melody lines, play all the time.

3. Continue studying music theory, until you realize that the "KEY" to music is knowing your major scales, because the chords, melody, harmony, other scales, modes, and progressions are all contained within and based off the major scale.

Here is a secret that can save you a lot of frustration...

"Songs are played in a key. A key is nothing more than a scale. Therefore, if someone says the song is in the key of, i.e. "A", find the "A" note and build the "A" major scale. Play melody notes and build your chords using the notes of the scale "A" major scale.

It takes practice and continual analyzing what you are playing. In short order you will have the scale shapes and chord shapes popping up out that mess of black and white notes. You will find your fingers just flying across the keyboard going for the sounds.

Below are other websites you can look at but go through step 1 first in order to get up and running before you are too bogged down in these...


Http://www.keyeduppiano.com/free_lessons... (YOU CAN START HERE IF YOU SO DESIRE)

Http://www.hearandplay.com/ (SIGN UP TO GET THE FREE PIANO LESSON)

Http://www.learngospelmusic.com/forums/i... (join the forums of this and other websites that have piano and keyboard elements. You get a chance to interact with other musicians, both beginner and advanced players.)

I need help on these chord progressions?

Hey. This is kind of a big question.. I really want to learn how to read chord progressions. I am very decent by ear (alto sax player), but I want to get to the next level. I was never properly taught how to read progressions, and every tutorial on youtube just talks to you as if you already know what everything is, and it gets frustrating, really. So, I just decided to self-teach but I am not doing too well. I need some assistance. I'm very new to this, so correct me if I am not saying things right..
I am reading this transcription as a guide to my learning and making discoveries (that sadly my horrible band director never taught me. Hopefully next semester). This is it:

Now I have a few questions.. I'm very confused. This is all based on that pdf.
1. Are the chord progressions on this pdf in tune to the key of C (the standard) or Eb (since it's alto sax)? I'm assuming it's Eb. But I'm not sure, since it's sparking so much questions.

2. In the 2nd measure, the first 3 notes are Bb, but it's in the chord progression of E7. E7 consists of E, F#, G#, A, B, C#, D, E.. Why is he playing a Bb? And why does it work? It's not in that chord.. If he is playing "out of the scale" or some type of mode, please explain because I have no idea. Or if I'm just saying this all wrong, please expose my mistakes.

3. In the 4th measure, the chord is C9. C, D, E, F, G, A, Bb, C. Why did he play a C#? And why does it work?

4. In the 6th measure, the first 2 beats are in F7. F, G, A, Bb, C, D, Eb, F. Why does he play an Ab and an F#?? Why does it work?? It's not in the chord...

Is he using blues scales or a mixolydians? I don't know.. I'm so clueless. I need help. If you could answer all of these, you have no idea how much I'd appreciate it. If I figure out the reason of those, then I could work my way throughout the whole solo, making discoveries one by one.. I just need to know why some of those notes work. Then I'll be making my own transcriptions with less confusion. Thanks!

Posted by Nathan Graybeal
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1. You can talk about this in YOUR key if you'd like OR in C. It doesn't matter so much. For the sake of these answers, we'll talk in the key your PDF is in (which is YOUR G Major).

2. Measure 2 is G7 (in your key). G7 is basically a C major scale starting on the 5th (Mixolydian mode). Over G7, a Bb is basically a minor third (flat third) so it adds that "bluesy" feel. If you have access to a piano or keyboard, play the chord (G, B, D, F) and then play a Bb over it on your sax to hear what it sounds like.

3. C9 chord is C, D, E, G, Bb this is basically a C7 chord with the added 2nd. Again, play this chord on a piano and play a C# on your horn to hear the pretty dissonance. It's part of the tri-tone substitution you can play over 7th chords (C, E G, F#, A#, C#).

4. Again, like the first question, Ab is the flattened (minor) third. It's a blue note. And the F# again is part of the tri-tone substitution you can do over the 7th chord (F, A, C, B, D#, F#).

Play these over a piano to hear what I am talking about. These are all color notes, out of the scales you are referencing, that give jazz that "jazz" sound.

How to make spin wheel?

You know those music wheels, that like transpose chord progressions using the circle of fifths and stuff? For example: Http://www.google.com/search?q=piano+cho...

WHAT IS THAT SMALL METAL RING IN THE CENTER THAT ALLOWS FOR THE SPINNING? Whats it called and where can I get it and instructions to make a wheel using it? Whats the general name for these interactive spinning wheels?


Posted by Kim
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The small metal ring could be a paper clasp/fastener (the split-type that you can purchase at a stationary store).

The general name for the wheels is a "Key Transposing Wheel".

You can find instructions here: Http://home.centurytel.net/Dulciaddict/p...

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Understanding And Writing Major Key Chord Progressions ...


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