Gospel Sheet Music for Piano Free Printable

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I need lyrics and music to I'll fly away/When the saints go marching in?

My family is black and we went to my dads cousins funeral and the choir and a great female soloist sang this. I have looked everywhere online. There's a youtube video (Gospel Hammond B3 I'll Fly Away Medley) and its sounds the same but i need lyrics and piano and/or organ sheet music. Please I would really like to learn it to sing at my mothers funeral.

Posted by SJ27
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Oh, when the saints, go marchin' in,
Oh when the saints go marching in,
Oh Lord, I want to be in that number,
When the saints go marching in.

Oh when the sun, refuse to shine,
Oh when the sun refuse to shine,
Oh Lord, I want to be in that number,
When the sun refuse to shine.

Oh when they crown, Him Lord of all,
Oh when they crown Him Lord of all,
Oh Lord, I want to be in that number,
When they crown Him Lord of all.

Oh when they gather 'round the throne,
Oh when they gather 'round the throne,
Oh Lord I want to be in that number,
When they gather 'round the throne

Sheet Music:

I play the piano and i need some good gospel-like chords for the song im making. Anyone know any good chords?

Even if it isnt gospel-like, i'd like to hear it.

Posted by anne
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Gospel music uses a lot of non-chord tones as bass notes in chord progressions. Something as simple as C/D can sound good in gospel music so long as the bass notes move smoothly. By the way, a C/D is a C major chord with a D as the bass note.

Free Piano Sheet Music??? Please Help!!?

Is there any websites that have free printable piano sheet music that you can download? I've already tried google, and couldn't find anything. In perticular, I'm trying to find the Sesame Street Theme Song, and some Christmas Carols. Thanks in advance!

Posted by Juicy♥
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Here is a great Piano Forum with lots of free piano sheet music, currently over 300 piano songbooks and many many indvidual sheet music.
You can find there Sheet Music from all music genres like Pop, R&b, Classic, Movie, Musical, Video Game, Asian, Traditional, Jazz, Gospel ect.

Most of the members are from www.pianofiles.com.
Everyone can share and post his sheet music in the forum, and if you can't find the sheet music for a certain song, people can help you in the "Sheet Music Request Section" to find it then.

The Pianist's Library

Note that you have to be logged in to view the "Sheet Music" and "Piano Songbook" Forum Sections!

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10 Popular Guitar Chord Progressions


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