Gospel Chords

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Piano chords for Ghetto Gospel chorus?

Heey, i was just wondering if anyone had the notes for the chorus of the song "Ghetto Gospel- 2Pac feat Elton John" I need to learn this for my music course. I only need the chorus for this not the whole of the song. I only have a small keyboard to practice on, so not too complicated thank youu (: <3 xxx.

Posted by Ashleighh
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T| Artist Name: 2Pac Elton John
A| Song Name : Ghetto Gospel
B| ==========================================================
N| Tabbed By : dayv2005
B| (i tabed this from a guitar version of the song im not 100% positive if its correct or not)
R| Intro
.| x2
O| 4|--G---g---f--D--|-
-| Chorus
T| first second
B| 3|------C-C-------D-D--|-c--c--f--f--------D-D-|-f-----D----|-
N| 3|---------------------|-------c--c------------|-c----------|-
A| 2|--G-G-G-G---A-A-A-A--|-f-------------A-A-A-A-|-f-----A----|-
B| 2|--C---------D--------|---------------D-------|-------D----|-
R| 3|------C-C-------D-D-------C-C-------c-c--------c---C---D---|-
.| 2|--G-G-G-G---A-A-A-A---G-G-G-G---g-g-g-g---A----g---G---A---|-
C| 2|--C---------D---------C---------c---------f----c---C---D---|-
O| 1|------------------------------------------A----------------|-
-| Verse
T| 2x
B| 3|--f---D--C--D--|--f---g---G---A---|--f---D--C--c--|-
N| 3|--c------------|--c---d---D---f---|--c------------|-
A| 2|--f---A--G--A--|--f---g---G---A---|--f---A--G--g--|-
B| 2|------D--C--D--|------------------|------D--C--c--|-
E| 2x
.| 3|--f---D--C--D--|--f---g---G---A---|-
C| 3|--c------------|--c---d---D---f---|-
O| 2|--f---A--G--A--|--f---g---G---A---|-
M| 2|------D--C--D--|------------------|-
T| Chorus again
A| verse, and so on and so on.

Visit Http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PDQGh_Gqs... for a piano cover according to the description it's the only one on youtube.

Can Someone Help Me With Some Gospel Piano Chords?

I need to learn how to play Deitrick Haddon's song Heaven Knows and i cant find the chords anywhere online. Any help would be greatly appreciated. God Bless
i want deitrick haddon's version of the song.. PLEASE somebody help me find the chords i really need them!!

Posted by Tori
What chords are played the most in gospel music?

The chords on a keyboard or piano. Which ones should I know by heart?

Posted by Dr. Vanessa
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To be perfectly honest if you are playing in a church setting and want to play the keyboard or piano, you should be proficient in playing mostly all the chords. In gospel music, chord voicing is a very important part of the genre. Being able to play in all the Major keys would be very beneficial to your development. My hope is that you have a teacher or someone who is willing to show you the essentials of piano playing in gospel music. It really is a great genre to learn, but without knowing chords and chord structures you would have a really hard time playing along with somebody.

I hope this helps!

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Steal My Joy - Lee Williams & the Spiritual QC's, "Fall on Me"


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