Chord Progression Theory Guitar

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Guitar music theory?writing chords?

Hey folks.
This is getting a bit confusing.
I read about notes on the fretboard,constructing major and minor scales,intervals,constructing triads,inverting triads,chord progressions and I am straight with them.
But they don't help me in finding chords for a song!
I am using for this.
Can someone tell me where I can get proper help for finding chords of a song(when I know the tabs)?A proper set of articles,a set of videos,a book?
I want an accurate way to write chords for a song.(not name chords,but write chords for a song like Green Day Holiday)
I just want to know quite a lot.
Please help.


Posted by dork
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Hello there,

I am not familiar with So, I cannot say anything about it. However, a good place to learn about chord construction, including things such as triads, 7ths and 11ths, is They have a good music theory section in their lessons. Of course being able to identify the mode you are playing in will help you decide the proper chords to fit. There is a modes and scales lesson there by someone called Stone Dragon is overs that topic quite well.

If you do not what to learn all the theory, there is a short cut method that would work. If you have the tabs, you know the key the song is played in. You can use a chord progression generator to show you chords for that key. You can try a few of the common progressions to see which fits best to that song. Here is a like to a handy on-line chord generator. Just plug in the key and pick one of the standard progressions. They shows you the chords and you can even hear them. If you like that progression, use it. If not, try again using a different progression.



Guitar chord progressions?

I can play pretty much anything on guitar, but when it comes to composing I'm pretty screwed. I don't understand what chords go together or where. Any help?

Posted by Garrett M
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You need to study music theory. Your best bet is to get lessons but failing that there are lots of good books on music theory available.

Understanding guitar chords?

Ive recently been learning guitar theory after playing for about a year, i've just learned that the c major chord progression is (1) c major, (2) D minor, (3) E minor, (4) F major, (5) G major, (6) A minor and (7) progression B dim. What i was wondering is, can you play the A major chord or E major chord without it sounding off in song. I know that the key of c scales has no flats or sharps.

Posted by Alex
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I'm not an expert on theory but I'll try to answer. Technically, those chords have notes in them that aren't in the key of C major(specifically the 3rd which should be flatted) but in rock and roll, if you like how it sounds, and it works for you, it's ok.

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Piano Chord Progressions - Chord Substitutions

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