R&B Chord Progression Chart

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Where can I find a power chord progression chart and is the chart the same as normal chord progressions?

I have this book which lists some of the most popular powerful chord progressions but, it does not list them all im not talking about power chords im talking about power chord progressions .
Some of these power chord progressions dont follow normal theory they for example

have a VII going to a VI then to another VI .

Im really just looking for the more powerful ones powerful wise that are leading back to I or V etc.

I already know the basic chord theory for leading basic chord progressions just was curious if there was a specific one for power chord progressions. A chart?

Posted by B
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U can use a regular chord progression in power chords u can basically use them the same even though power chords are ambigious to being major or minor.

What are some easy chord progressions for guitar?

Posted by pimpsta1990
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Here are some sites that may help you..they have charts also if you don't know the chords..makes it a little easier that way..


those have different kinds of music on them.. Also you can pick up a chart at wal-mart sometimes..or a really good one off of ebay. Depends to...are you a beginner? Or more advanced..:) good luck..i love the guitar!

In what manner do chord progressions progress?

Diaganolly, corkscrewise...?

Posted by smiley56
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You asked about chord progression. Basic chord progression theory is based on Jean Philippe Rameau's "Theory of Inversion." All chord progression is based on root movement.

Starting with the 3 basic tonal triads: I, IV, and V overall chord progression follows a pattern of fifths. The V is a fifth above the tonic( I ) and the IV is a fifth below tonic. This takes care of the most basic and frequent root movements.

The next most frequent root movements are seconds (2nds), THEN thirds (3rds) and then primes. A chart of root movements for the common practice period would be:

5ths - over 50%
2nds - 20%
3rds - 10%
Primes - the repeat of a root - remaining %.

If you follow the circle of fifths this relationship becomes apparent: F-C-G-D-A thus you have - C (tonic) - G( a fifth up from C) - D (a 2nd up from C) - A (a 3rd down from C) and the F is a fifth down from C in the opposite direction. While this could be extended on up (to E and B) the relationship becomes extremely weak.

So, TO SIMPLIFY, your strongest and most used root progressions in order are : 5ths up or down , then 2nds up and then 3rds down. -----Additionally, there are rules that affect which of these chord movements are usable. One rule being that one chord of a two chord progression must be a tonal chord (I , IV, V and adding the II although it is considered a mixed tonal/modal chord).

These 3 root movements take care of probably 95% of all basic progressions(The 4ths mentioned by some are simply 5ths in the opposite direction !! ). The addition of 7ths, 9ths, etc. To chords are extensions to the dominant or non-dominant function of the chords.

I must give credit to a friend and fellow composer Dr. W. Francis McBeth for the circle of fifths/root progression theory.

Hope this will help.


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Minor Blues Chord Progressions - Guitar Lesson


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