Music Theory Chord Progression Chart

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Music Theory HW: Write out I vi IV V progression:?

My homework has a section that says "Write out I II IV I progression:" and underneath it has an A chord written out on a staff in the key signature of A Major and I need to find the next three chords.

The other section says "Write out I vi IV V progression:" and underneath it has a G chord in the key signature of G Major.

Can someone PLEASE explain to me how I would go about finding the other notes. Also, I do not have my circle of fifths memorized and have been using a keyboard and the WWHWWWH formula for similar problems.

Please help me I have a test today!!!

Posted by Ben
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There are charts on line.
A Bm D A
G Em C G.

How do you find the chord progression in your lyrics?

Im starting a band, and I need help writing the music. It really confuses me.

Posted by Dudeman
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A "chord progression" refers to the order that chords appear in in a piece of music. You have to know the key you're in, the chords, their names and what notes comprise them.
Take a few basic music theory classes at a local college or community center. Maybe some guitar lessons would be the best way to start. Otherwise, be the singer and have one of the instrumentalists do the charts.

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Passion trumps intellect.

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