Free Guitar Chord Progressions

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Questions and Answers

What are the chord progressions on guitar for these songs?

I'm doing the play 'Spoon River Anthology'. I'm supposed to sing the opening song, He's Gone Away, and the Spoon River Reprise, but I can't find a clear recording of either song, or guitar chord progressions. Help?? The lyrics are:

He's gone away:
He's gone away
For to stay a little while
But he's coming back
If he goes 10,000 miles.
But who will buy my shoes,
And who will
Kiss my ruby lips
When he is gone?
Look away--
Look away--
Over yonder!

Spoon River Reprise:
But once having left, you can never return
there is no going back, there is only the yearn
you're haunted, you're hunted wherever you roam
spoon river, spoon river is calling you home
for the river is time and it flows toward the sea
and in leaving its banks, you are free, you are free
but you're haunted. You're hunted wherever you roam
Spoon river, spoon river is calling you home.

Posted by Cassidy KaitLynn ♥
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Ask your music teacher for the chords he or she will be using as they could differ from any of the ones posted on the net.

He's Gone Away:

Here's a version by Julie Andrews (Mary Poppins)

Your lyrics start at 0:44 seconds


He's gone away
For to stay a little while
But he's coming back
If he goes 10,000 miles.
And who will tie my shoe
And who will glove my hand
And who will
Kiss my ruby lips
When he is gone?
Look away--
Look away--

Here's a good guitar rendition:


Beginner guitar chords/progressions?

Okay I've had a guitar collecting dust for quite a while and I've just been picking strings messing around. I'm surprised to find out I can come up with stuff I enjoy listening to. Now I really want to be able to do chords and progressions so it's not all just single strings. Problem is I don't really know where to begin. I've looked up chords but they're all either different fretting or like... Different ones are considered beginner I guess..????

But anyway I want to know which ones you may have started with or which ones you think are fit for this situation
additional side question - how long do you think it'll take to be able to fluidly switch from chord to chord?

Posted by unborn098111
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I was just like you, exact same situation. I didn't want to go buy lessons because they are pretty expensive, and online tutorials were always hard to understand, UNTIL I found Marty Shwartz (I think that's how you spell it) Anyways, he's so easy to understand, and he explains everything perfectly, just like a teacher, but free! He has a website, and a YouTube page. ( or ( Guitar jamz you have to pay for, but you can do the 3 day trial over and over with different accounts. I wouldn't be the guitarist I am today without him! Good luck jammin! :D.

Easy acoustic guitar songs?

Realeased within in the last 10 yrs and btw i cant play barre chords haha.

Posted by coconut
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Try starting with playing chord progressions. has pretty much any popular song searchable for free. :P.

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Learn to Play Basic Beginner Jazz Guitar Chords Lesson ...

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