Common Minor Guitar Chord Progressions

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Jazz Chord progressions for guitar?

I'm starting to learn Jazz with my guitar instructor recently, we have yet to get into actual songs, but have gone over 7th chords and other extended chords. More or less chord construction.

Can anyone recommend a song that I can play that will use extended chords, or some common chord progessions that you like to play personally?

Posted by Adam D
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Consider the old standard, "Blues in the Night." Much depends upon the key in which you will play it, but you can count on using major and minor sixths and ninths as well as dominant sevenths. Some altered chords would be dominant sevenths with raised fifths.

Another classic could be "Sweet Georgia Brown." That's in the key of G, which modulates to the main chorus in the key of E.

Guitar chords?

How do you put chords to songs you know? I can usually pick out the melody of a song pretty quickly, but have trouble finding the right chords to strum along to... Any tips?

Posted by ASDKjashd
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Timespiral has the right idea. If you can figure out the last chord, you often have the key signature. Once you have the key signature, you can use a roman numerial system that professional musicians use to keep track of the chords in a particular key signature.

If you are in the Key of D, then:

I = D Major (most important chord)
ii = E minor
iii = F sharp minor
IV = G Major (3rd most important chord)
V = A Major or A7 (2nd most important chord)
vi = b minor (4th most important chord)
vii = c sharp diminished (harshest, least used chord)

Notice that the chords go in sequence. If your first chord is some kind of a C (C, C sharp, or C flat), then the next chord will be some kind of D. The chord after that will be some kind of E. If the next chord does not "fit" in its "natural" state, it might be an "flat" (e-flat) or a "sharp" (f-sharp).

Common chord patterns:

I--IV--V--I = [D Major--G Major--A Major/A7--D Major]
ii--V--I = [e minor--A7--D Major]
(ii--V--I is very common in Jazz and standards)
I--IV--vi--I = [D Major--G Major--b minor--D Major]

I(7)--IV(7)--I(7)--I(7) = [D7--G7--D7--D7]
IV(7)--IV(7)--I(7)--I(7) = [G7--G7--D7--D7]
V(7)--IV(7)--I(7)--V(7) = [A7--G7--D7--A7] {repeat}

This is the 12 bar blues; you'll be shocked at the number of songs with this chord progression!

The Major ("happy") chords are always I, V, and IV
The minor ("sad") chords are always vi, ii, and iii
V (especially V7) always wants to go to I

If you hear a Major chord in a song, the best guess is I.
If it's not I, try IV.
If it is neither I nor IV, try V.

If you hear a minor chord in a song, the best guess is vi.
If it's not vi, try ii.
If it is neither vi nor ii, try iii.

Good luck!

Help with EAASSYYYY guitar chords pleassseee??? (promise its easy, first guitar lesson ever hahha)?

Well i just had my first guitar lesson a couple of days ago and my teacher taught me how to do 4 chords, and said they were the most common chord progression or something??
It was G, D, E minor, C
and i remember the chords, but then he taught me ... How to connect them?? Like in a particular order. I know you can probably connect them any way you want, but please bear with me...
And i cant remember how to do that... It was something like long short short short short and
down up up down down

so could someone please help (e.g. Quaver semi-q, semi-q, semi-q, semi-q or something)

and since ive done 7 years of piano he kinda expects lootss from me hahahha
even if you have no idea, say SOMETHING
that will atleast assure me that SOMEONE is looking at this question


.....sorry i know it hasnt been long since i actually posted the question, but im realllllyyy anxious. Im just that kind of person hahahha.

Posted by sammmiiii
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Hello....Would you believe that these are the first 4 chords that I learned too...way back in 1964! The progression G-Em-C-D (1-6m-4-5) is pretty versatile. So you're really having trouble with a few different issues. First, the progression. Well, that will all depend on the particular song. If you play them in this order : G-Em-C-D, you have played a couple dozen do-wop songs. It also works on a lot of folk songs like "If I Had A Hammer" Re-arrange them a little, and you have Neil Young's "Heart Of Gold"

The next thing you're asking about is the strum pattern. This will also change with every song. It's impossible for me to know exactly what strum pattern your instructor told you to practice. There are a lot of different ones. The most basic....used on Heart Of all down strokes.

I would suggest you practice a basic down-up down-up strum. Don't hold the pick too tightly, and use your wrist rather than your entire arm. The pick needs to sweep over the strings, not dig into them, if that makes sense.

Start by just holding one chord and strumming. It's going to be boring, but repetition develops muscle memory. Down-up down-up. When you're comfortable with that, try changing chords while strumming. Here's a tip: keep your strum steady (as slow as necessary) and change chords during the up stroke.

Here's another tip: you don't have to start fresh with every chord fingering. If you're going from a G to Em, you'll notice that there is one note the two chords have in common....5th string second fret. Leave that finger in place when you change chords and use it as a pivot. If you're going from a G to C, you'll notice that the fingers on the two low strings keep the same position, just move over one string. (Be sure to learn G using your pinky finger on the high string!!!) The less finger movement between chords, the faster you can change.

Chances are that your instructor gave you a specific progression and strum pattern to practice. If you can remember it, just apply the above suggestions to his strum. Otherwise, just practice some of the things I'll need them anyway. Feel free to email me with any questions...but above all, be honest with your instructor. It doesn't matter what you think he *expects* of you. If you don't understand something, or need to go slower....tell him. He'll understand. Best of luck.

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Working with non-diatonic chords in progressions

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