Chord Progression Chart Guitar

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Questions and Answers

Writing Original Guitar Songs?

I cannot seem to ever write anything that sounds original. I might get excited for a moment, but then I completely doubt myself and toss it. I just don't know what to do different. I don't know music theory too well and all the chords I know are from learning songs. I cannot finger pick, but usually just strum and arpeggio the chords. What can I do differently so that I can write a good, unique song that I will not have to question myself about? Please help. I'm expected to play live and I want to play something of my own. Thank you a thousand times over, Take care.

Posted by Tyler
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There are a few tools that can make it easier to write or play. I have a cardboard chord chart that adjusts to most of the common and a few of the uncommon progressions. Keeping it simple is the best way to start. Trying to go too far out of the range of what is "normal" (for most listeners) will result in a sound that is "off".
The following link is what I found after Googling the the words "chord progressions". A quick look gives me the impression of a fairly concise crash course in music theory for guitar, with a lot of examples thrown in to flesh it all out.


I think I'm going to bookmark this site and add it to my guitar folder as well.

Fminor guitar key help?

I am a beginner who is learning guitar keys for the first time. I have a query -

I tried writing a chord progression in the key of F minor. According to my chart/guide that gave me the chords - fm, gdim, ab, bbm, cm, db and eb to play with.

What I dont get is, having read on wiki about Nirvana's 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' which is also wrote in FM, it says - "Smells Like Teen Spirit" is written in the key of F minor, with the main guitar riff constructed from four power chords (F5–B♭5–A♭5–D♭5)"

How come my chart isnt showing chords like "f5" etc? And what key does chords like G7, F7 etc fall under? Does every key really only stick religiously to seven chords?

As I say, im a beginner trying to get to grips with these things for the first time so go easy on me!

Posted by Graeme C
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The guy above me gave a very good answer, but I'll explain as well.

Your chart is giving you the triads for each chord- which would include the 5 chords (power chords) as well (except the diminished chord, which would be Gb5(that's a flat five, not a G flat).

From a classical perspective the G7 would be in the key of C, and F7 would be in the key of Bb. Imagine taking the root of the 7 chord, and making that note the fifth of the power chord. For example, a G on the D string, and a C on the A string, the C would be the root, and would be in the key of C. But that doesn't mean keys cant borrow non-diatonic chords without changing keys- but don't worry about that now.

In the context of blues music however, its common to replace any seventh chord with a dominant 7 (G7 and F7 in the key of F for example, opposed to Ghalfdim7 and Fmaj7).

Hope that helps.

Where can i find a guitar chord chart that would find in a notebook?

Like one of the c chord, g and a chords etc.

Posted by nashslash
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Im assuming that you are a complete beginner, so... Http://
has a good, simple chart on it. From there, find chords for the simple songs you know (The Beatles have lots of songs in the category). Also Green Day, and many others, have simple, catchy, easy songs for the guitar. After you learn all of the chords in your head and your fingers, start to learn how to fingerpick, the try a few full fledged tabs(maybe in a 3-6 months). Most of all, find out how the chords fit together and play simple progressions for hours!! Trust me, I did on the worst guitar ever made, and know im a pretty good guitarist 😉

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Fat Chords #40 - Piano Progression Voicings Phat Neo Soul ...

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