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Soloing over Chord Progressions?

Hey there.

I'm just curious to learn a little bit about soloing over chord progressions. For some reason whenever I try to solo with a certain scale pertaining to a certain key it just never comes out right. Do I analyze the notes in a chord and incorporate those notes in my playing?

I just never seem to be in the right position or, area, of the guitar.
I'm slowly learning my circle of fifths and certain key's related to that whole business, but I'd just like some general info on soloing over chord progressions. Thanks.

Posted by Daniel


When learning to solo over chord progressions, it's always best to start out basic and work towards more complex progressions. The most basic backing you can learn to solo over would be one single chord. Record yourself strumming C Major (or any chord you know) over and over. Then try soloing over the top of the recording using the C Major Pentatonic Scale. Then try to solo using the C Minor Pentatonic Scale. You should be able to hear a big difference between the two scales. One will sound great and the other won't (I'll leave it to you to figure out which one and why).

After you feel comfortable soloing over a single chord using various scales, try soloing over a two chord progression where you know for certain both chords fit into one key perfectly. Try soloing again using various scales and try to find out why certain scales work and others don't.

Over time you will feel confident with what works and what doesn't. But for now start with the most basic scales and the most basic chords and learn to make them work.

You don't need to analyze the notes in the chord but if you do it will make more sense. For example: If you played the A minor Pentatonic Scale over an A minor chord, what do you notice about the notes in the chord and the scale and how it sounds? Now what if you play the A Major Pentatonic Scale over the same A minor chord, what do you notice about how it sounds and the notes played? Even if you don't understand the theory yet, your ears will tell you if something doesn't fit.

Let me know if this helps and if you would like more advice.

What are some basic chord progressions?

Also, what are you some good books for chord progressions?

Posted by Vinz


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